Name: Jade Fires Current Age: 20 Hometown: Cinnebar Island Starter Pokemon: Squirtle Eye color: Espresso Brown Hair color: Green Description: Jade wears a sleeveless shirt depicting. the Wartortle tail and ear fluff. The shirt itself is white but the top is black. The shirts collar is high but not quite a turtle neck. Her skirt is blue, green, and grey plaid, pleated and goes down to about mid to lower thigh. She sports a blue and black striped wristband that matches her blue and black long socks and is covered by two silver/grey plastic bracelets. She normally walks in black leather, lace up, almost combat type boots but occasionally can be see in flip-flops. The belts that hold her team's pokeballs are similar shade of green to her hair. All her pokeballs have some sort of unique marking on them depicting which pokemon is inside, be it paint or a sticker of some sort. It is found that she prefers her Poketech, and now C-gear to be an odd sort of red-brown color. Its unknown where she came across this limited edition color at this time. Her dangley earrings are in the shape of pokeballs - Moon balls to be exact. The newest edition to Jades "look" is the yellow Os on her thighs and the ring around her left bicep. These tattoos are a symbol of her favoritism to her Umbreon, though it is unknown why they are not blue like Muse's. Main Pokemon Team: 1. Claret - Arcanine 2. Leo - Luxray 3. LlÅ·r - Wartortle 4. Sir Gwaine - Gallade 5. Gedi - Pidgeot 6. Muse - Umbreon (shiny)