The Dashes are for warp points to other Digimon Trees. Calumon is a broken link which can not evolve or be reached, just added on for looks. Tailmon can reach Pandamon to become Babamon now. LadyDevimon need Code Key of Lust to reach Lilithmon. Ophanimon can reach higher levels with Core Mode and Fallendown Mode. SkullBaluchimon need Spirit of Darkness to become AncientSphinxmon. Tailmon can Armor evlove into Metal 1 Kabukimon (Purtiy), Metal 2 Tylomon (Faith), and Metal 3 Nefertimon (Light). Special Thanks to the people that made BlackTailmon and Ophanimon Fallendown Mode. Also need to find DinoTigermon sprite for SkullBaluchimon.