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"AZAD HIND" FAUZ 'Fruit Vert' by Suzanne Meunier 000 kg sugar 000.00 Francs revenue stamps on document for 4 007 The World Is Not Enough 1842 Canton China Opium War doc 1844 Opium Insurance document 1847 Bill of Lading Opium to Russell & Co 1850 Opium account Canton 1854 Canton Account of Gold 1854 Canton China Opium letter FAULTS 1854 canton sassoon letter 1854 Opium Account Canton 1854 Opium Report Jardine Matheson 1854 Shipping Bill of Lading Opium to Cumsingmoon 1855 1858 Bill of Lading Opium to Hong Kong 1860 woosong opium report 1861 China Opium letter 1861 Government Opium 1867 hk lading1 1867 hk lading2 1869 David Sassoon Shanghai Opium signed account 1869 Sassoone Shanghai Opium account 1869 Sassoone Shanghai Opium letter 1869 shanghai cover 1873 opium insurance receipt 1874 belilios opium report 1874 Hong Kong Opium letter w envelope FAULTS 1874 Opium Bill of Lading Elias 1874 opium letter 1875 hk Sassoon letter 1875 Shanghai Sassoon invoice 1875 shanghai sassoon printed opium invoice 1892 QV Opium Promisory Note Indore 1897 telegram about Opium for Shanghai. 1906 OLYMPICS 1907 Telegram about Opium 1931 camera price list 1936 Ashok Kumar in Jamna Bhoomi 1936 Leela Chitnees or Chitnis postcard 1936 Madhuri in Raj Ramani or The Echantress 1936 Sabita Devi Princess Chanda in Lagna Bandhan 1937 Nadia in Hurricane Hansa 1950 India Sure Profit Scheme SCAM booklet 1961 Japan Showa Russia Mawson Bases cover 1961 Russia Lazarev Station montage cover 1963 signed letter Prince of Sikkim - India 1963 Willy Brandt signed photo with John Kennedy 1965 signed letter Chogyal King of Sikkim - India 1994 Russia Germany India Maitri 2000 India Maitri B.O. Dakshin Gangotri 350 3a & unrecorded type 43.7 500 A Beautiful Mind A Civil Action 1998 poster A Mighty Heart Angelina Jolie A Series Of Unfortunate Events A View To Kill JAMES BOND A37 Abbott & Costello ABHISHEK BACHCHAN Aden 1949 cover with Rescaling tape Aden Dhow 3 1/2a cover MUKALLA Aden Dhows 8a x3 insured cover MUKALLA Aden KGV 1938 3/4a postal card mint Aden KGVI 1a envelope uprated 11as to India 1947 Aden KGVI 1Rx3 insured cover MUKALLA Aden MUKALLA 1957 Adjustment: Rotate AEF censor cover to Canada Afghanistan + India KEdVII regd cover Afghanistan + India WW1 1917 censor Afghanistan 1913 cover HQ National Forces Afghanistan 1914 postage due Afghanistan censor with contents Afghanistan WW1 Kandahar air letter air letterair letter airletter AKSHAY KUMAR Albert Finney actor 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Albert Fourie Along Came A Spider ALWAYS 3 sheet AMERICAN GANGSTER American pie AMITABH BACHCHAN Amoy Andre Roberty Anita Ekberg Anne Francis Roger Moore Antarctic 1961 Russia Mirny Base cover Antarctic 1962 Russia Komsomolskava Base cover Antarctic 1962 Russia Mirny Vostok Base cover Antarctic 1963 Russia Mirny Base cover Antarctic 1963 Russia Mirny Base SAE9 cover Antarctic 1965 Japan Russia Mirny Base cover Antarctic 1965 Russia Komsomolskava Base cover Antartic 1959 Russia ?? Base cover Antartic 1959 Russia Komsomolskava Base card Antartic 1959 Russia Komsomolskava Base cover Antartic 1959 Russia Lazarev Station cover Antartic 1959 Russia Sovetskaya Base cover Antigua 1839 EL ANTIGUA Fleuron Antigua 1944 censor cover IB tape Antz 1998 8 X 10 Any Muslim Any Rich Man Armand Point Art A Seville by Suzanne Meunier Art by Gerda Wegener Art Carney actor 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Arthur Ashe 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Arthur Miller signed 8 x 10 autograph photo assassination auction m Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn in The Unforgiven Audrey Hepburn on a horse Audrey Hepburn Vintage Fashion austria austriaaustria Ava Gardner Ava Gardner 1940s Ava Gardner in Pakistan Ava Gardner on the set of The Angel Wore Red photo AZAD azad hind azad hind fauz bachelor party Bahawalpur State Court Fee 4a yellow on document Bahawalpur State Court Fees 1R & 2R on document Bahrain 1964 1st issue FDC Bahrain QEII 10sh UNRECORDED Type 2 on DLR Bahrain stamp paper Barbados interesting 1898 covers with 51 stamps Barbados WW2 green censor tape Barbara Rush in India Barbara Rush in India 8x10 photo Basil Rathambore Basutoland KGV 4d Registered Envelope mint HG #1 Basutoland KGVI 4d Registered Envelope mint HG #2 Belgium 1 Bengali Novelist berlin 1 berlin 2 BHOJPURI Bhutan 1966 definitives Rice Paper FDC Bhutan 1966 definitives Rice Paper FDC & FD Folder Billy Elliot Billy Wilder 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Bing Crosby Blue Crush bma 15x6 cover close BOLLYWOOD book Brazil #24 strip of 3 on 1858 Bahia cover Brazil #26 on 1861 cover. RHM #16 $900 Brendan Fraser Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason Bridget Jones's Diary Briget Jones Diary British East Africa postal card brown 1/2 anna1 British East Africa postal card brown 12 anna British Empire Exhibition 1924 on pc from Burma British Guiana 1c green SHIP postal card used 1893 British Honduras QV 3c postal card to Germany VF buck rogers 3 sheets fault Buckminster Fuller 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Bulgaria 1937 FDCs with blocks of 4 Burma + Travancore India combination document 1923 Burma -UNRECORDED local overprint Burma 1916 May cover Burma 1926 MAP document on butter tracing paper Burma 1941 full back advert cover XF Burma 1953 temporary emergency PassportVisa Burma Akyab River Ship Bill of Lading Burma early colour postcards x 5 Burma early lice train Burma early postcards incl. Buddha Maker Burma KGV 10R Speacial Adhesive on document Burma KGV 10R Special adhesive on document Burma KGV 200R x 2 revenues on 1932 document Burma KGV 250R stamp paper Burma KGV 2r on GR8a Stamp Paper UNRECORDED Burma KGV 8a Court Fee on Pegu HUF IT document Burma MILY ADMN IR Court Fee on part document Burma QV 12a x 5 on 1904 cover Burt Lancaster in The Train 1964 8x10 photo bus stop butter Byron White signed photo with John Cameroun #352-4 Reunification FDC Canada 1959 Jewish National Fund Canada SG 55 USA 1928 Special Express Canada1930 Maritime NFL Air First flight Candide by Gaston Cirmeuse Cannibal Attack 1954 canton Captain Corelli's Mandolin Carl Reiner 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Cary Grant 1950 Cary Grant dancing Cary Grant in a towel Cary Grant on the set of Dream Wife 1953 Cary Grant with Alfred Hitchcock Ceylon 1897 document Ceylon KGVI 1947 JAFFNA TPO Ceylon ppc GB stamp used Napoli Ceylon Tamil Women ppc chalo delhi Charles Boyer & Margaret Sullivan 1941 Charley Chase Charley Chase Autograph Charley Chase Autograph 2 cheif scout message Chief Minister of West Bengal china China + Hong Kong 1938 redirected cover China 1851 Opium Price List to Bombay by SS Pekin China 1883 Shanghai Opium letter in Gujarati C1 China 1883 Shanghai Opium letter in Gujarati C2 China 1883 Shanghai Opium letterin Gujarati A China 1883 Shanghai Opium letterin GujaratiB China 1908 color ppc - Chinese Sing Song Girls China 1909 color ppc - English Bund Shanghai China 1912 postcard - Chinese Musicians China 1940s Theater postcards China 1972 2f brown postal card mint VF China 1977 4f green postal card mint VF China 1980 Guilin Landscapes T53 FDCs x 2 China 1980 Scientists of Ancient China FDC China 1980 Suzhou Garden T56 FDC China 1981 Palace Lanterns T60 FDC China 1981 Scenes FDC China 1987 Dunhuang Murals T116M FDC China Antarctic 1986 3rd Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1987 3rd Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1991 6th Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1991 7th Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1993 9th Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1995 Great Wall Station cover China Antarctic 1997 13th Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 1998 Great Wall Station cover China Antarctic 2000 16th Chinese Expedition cover China Antarctic 2000 Great Wall Station cover China Beggars early postcard China busy street market & gate early postcard China c.1905 color ppc - Shanghai Race Course China c.1905 UB postcard - a funeral monument China c.1905 UB postcard - Chinese Temple interior China c.1905 UB postcard - Old Tower Soochow China c.1905 UB postcard Chefoo beach & beggars China c.1905 Ub ppc - Chinese Woman China c.1910 ppc - A busy market street China c.1910 ppc - A Chinese Charriot China c.1910 ppc - Chinese Nuns of Chungking China c.1910 ppc - Park Hotel Shanghai China c.1910 Yunnan Fou street scene China Canton 1854 Opium cheque / BOE China Canton Opium Merchant 1854 check cheque China Chefoo Young boy early pictorial postcard China Child Hawkers early Russian postcard China Children Moukden China Children on a Wheel barrow early RP postcard China Chinese Actor early postcard Theatre China Chinese Actor early UB postcard c.1905 China Chinese City Woman at rest early postcard China Chinese Execution early color postcard China Chinese Execution early postcard China Chinese Opium Smokers UB postcard c.1905 China Chinese Priests early postcard Shanghai China Chinese Street photo plain back China Chinese Woman early UB postcard c.1905 China Chinese Woman early used postcard China classic stamps on advertisement card China Collectors of Dry Grass China Cumsingmoon 1850 Opium account China Distribution of blankets Moukden China early color postcard - Chinese Woman China early ppc- Chinese Woman China Entertainment Movie in a Box early postcard China German Soldiers in Peking c.1900 UB postcard China Great Wall of China early RP postcard China Gymnastics Chinese Children RP postcard China Horse Cart early postcard China Horse Cart UB postcard c.1905 China Imperial Post Dragon Flag cover China Macau 1844 Jardine Matheson Opium letter China Manchuria Children Praying postcard China Manchuria Jehol Railway postcard used 1943 China Manchurian Fushun Collieries early postcard China Nanking Ming Tai Tsu Tomb early RP postcard China Ningpo Ning-po children early postcard China Old Tuck's postcard - a Chinese Farm china paquebot canada China Peking Chinese Temple early color postcard China Shanghai 1883 William Dobie Opium Price List China Shanghai old photo plain back China Sichuanese Woman Girl & Boy early postcard China Street Bakery early postcard c.1910 China Summer Palace Gate Peking c.1905 UB postcard China Tali Female Girl School early postcard China The Lolo people of Yunnan - early ppc China The Wheelwright - Wheel Maker early UB ppc China Triumphal Gate Peking c.1905 UB postcard China Tsai Kia Kouy Tcheou People early postcard China Wheelbarrow c.1905 UB postcard China Wheelbarrow early color postcard China Women Moukden China Yunnan beggars early postcard China Yunnan Fon Si Chan Pagoda early postcard China Yunnan Nam Si Market early postcard China Yunnan Tong Tchuan Fou Stereo postcard CHITRA chor Cinderella 1904 used postcard Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto signed article Colleen Moore Colombo Paquebot GB stamp SA ppc Consuelo Fould Cook Islands 1d blue postal card used 1898 Coronation block 8 cover Coronation plate 23 no dot block 8 cover Coronation plate 27 no dot 8 cover cover by Suzanne Meunier cumsingmoon 1854 freight receipt cumsingmoon 1854 freight receipt2 cumsingmoon 1854 weight certificate Cyd Charisse Cyd Charissev cyprus cyprus 12 seals Cyprus 1923 document 51 signatures Cyprus 1931 document with 33 signatures Cyprus 1934 document Turkish treatment of Cyproits Cyprus 1934 impound passport order Cyprus 1934 Please send me to Prison document Cyprus 1936 Police Office document Cyprus 1937 document with 53 signatures Cyprus 1938 document & Fair handbill Cyprus 1939 Red Cross Cyprus 1940 Arabic document red seal Cyprus 1943 document wi Governor's seal Cyprus 1946 Dead Cypriot soldier doc Cyprus 1952 Diptheria Influenza & no doctor cyprus anti fascist Cyprus £3.00 used strip of 10 cyprus diphtheria cyprus no money to eat Czechoslavakia Russia Mirny Base cover D-Tox dahi Dalai Lama Obama photo signed Dalai Lama Dan Patridge Market report Daniel Stern 8 x 10 signed autograph photo David Cronenberg 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Dean Martin Jerry Lewis Debbie Reynolds Debbie Reynolds & poodle on the set of Athena Debbie Reynolds 1940s Deborah Kerr Deborah Kerr 8x10 portrait fashion photo Deep Impact Detrone by Leo Fontan deutr hk 1849 letter deutr hk 1850 letter deutr hk 1850 letter2 deutr hk 1858 letter Diamonds Are Forever Dick & Burt Rutan Jeana Yeager Die Another Day JAMES BOND Disney Mickey mouse Dodsworth 1935 8x10 photo Ruth Chatterton Dominica 1919 registered WAR TAX cover to USA Dominica WW2 1942 censor on cover to USA Dominica WW2 1943 censor on cover to USA Don Adams actor 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Donna Reed 1950s 8x10 Fashion photo Donna Reed Ironing at home 1943 8x10 Doom Doris Day 1960 Dorothy Lamour Double Jeopardy dracula 1931 DREAMGIRLS Beyoncé Knowles Dubai 1964 Space Ranges 7 2R TRIPLE OVERPRINT Dustin Hoffman & Mia Farrow Edward Albee 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Elanor Parker 1950s 8x10 MGM Portrait photo Eleanor Parker 1950s 8x10 Portrait photo electric telegram Elizabeth Taylor 1950s Elizabeth Taylor with MGM execs Elvis Presley with guitar En Cape by Suzanne Meunier Eros April 1928 Erotic Art print Eros August 1928 Erotic Art Entr'acte Eros August 1928 Erotic Art print by Sacha Zaliouk Eros August 1928 Erotic Nude prin Eros August 1929 Erotic Nude print Eros December 1928 Erotic Art Eros February 1929 Erotic Art Eros February 1929 Erotic Art print Eros January 1929 Erotic Art Eros July 1928 Erotic Nude Evocation Eros July 1929 Erotic Art Nuit de Fête Eros July 1929 Erotic Art Sourire Eros June 1928 Erotic Art Eros June 1928 Erotic Art Cafard Eros June 1929 Erotic Art Marine Eros June 1929 Erotic Art print Eros March 1928 Erotic Nude print Eros March 1929 Erotic Art Entr'acte Eros March 1929 Erotic Art print Eros March 1929 Suzanne Meunier Eros May 1928 Erotic Nude At Home Eros May 1929 Erotic Art Harmonica Eros May 1929 Erotic Nude print Eros May 1929 Erotic Service d'été Eros November 1928 Erotic Art Eros November 1928 Erotic Art Reflexion Eros November 1928 Erotic Nude Eros October 1928 Erotic Art Eros October 1928 Erotic Art print Eros September 1928 Erotic Art Esparance by Gaston Cirmeuse Esther William ET Extra Terrestrial Ethan Hawk 4 x 5 color transparency Ethiopia UNRECORDED Garlanded Lion revenues Ethiopian Army cover Evacuee Gold Extase by Gaston Cirmeuse Fabian best male singer of the year1950s Fast & Furious FD Folder Fed Malaya aerogrammes Tan #3 Female Satyr by Maurice Milliere Filthy Picture Book about Women Finland 1933 Winter War FPO 2 cover Flora & Zephyr by Gerda Wegener FMS $1 $2 Elephants Kedah $2 & SS comb FMS $1 & $5 Elephants FMS + Perak 1935 combination cover Sitiawan FMS 15c registered env Serendah FMS Elephants $1 $2 on 1929 doc FMS Elephants $2.00 pair on 1924 doc FMS overprint on Selangor $2 FMS WW1 1915 PASSED LETTER CENSOR Foochow For Love of the Game formosa forrest gump France 1600 EL Rover to London ex. Corsini France 1658 EL France 1854 cover with 4 margin 20c Milky Blue France 1908 Submarine Ludion Dunkirk France WW2 Prisoner of War label cover Francis S. Gabreski 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Frank Marshall 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Frank Talk about seducing Women Fred Astaire Fred Astaire in Funny Face 8x10 photo Fred Zinnemann Director 4 x 5 photo signed by Fred Freepost Kuala Lumpur Freepost Penang cover Freepost Rawang French Colonies 1894 Postage French India + India combination document French India 1852 Chandernagore document French India 19 Lotus 16ca IMPERF PAIR French India 19 Lotus 4ca IMPERF PAIR French India Barefoot #25 on document French India MAHE 1949 KGVI cover French India UNRECORDED PO Karai Kovilpathu French India UNRECORDED PO Karai Kovilpathu 2 French India unrecorded revenues Frileuse by Gaston Cirmeuse Fumees De Reves by Gaston Cirmeuse g37 g43 g55 g58 g59 g69 g72 g75 g78 Gabon 1c block of 20 cover Gabriel De Cool gandhi Gandhi very early western dress photo Gandhi WW2 picture Indian Red Cross Gary Cooper Gary Cooper & Charles Heston 1940s 8x10 photo GB 10000 + Machins on paper much high values. GB 1767 E Bishop Mark & SE in circle GB 1772 FREE in circle on front (Type 2 1765-88) GB 1799 FREE Type 6c on EL GB 1801 E curved 2-line INVERNESS VF GB 1801 FREE A Type 9 on front GB 1801 FREE Type 9 on EL GB 1802 FREE Type 9 on EL GB 1823 EL COVENTRY PENNY POST GB 1826 EL ALTRICHAM PENNY POST GB 1836 fancy Free SUNDAY hs on front to Ireland gb 1841 p11 cover gb 1841 p15 cover gb 1841 p15 pair cover GB 1850 London codeless crown GB 1855 4d pair on 1859 cover to Holland SG 66a GB 1855 6d on 1862 cover to Bohemia SG 70 GB 1855 6d on 1864 cover to USA SG 70 GB 1855 6d x 2 on 1861 cover to USA SG 70 GB 1858 cover canc Scott Local STOCKBRIDGE GB 1867 3d pair etc on 1869 cover SG 103 GB 1867 4d plate 9 on 1868 cover SG 94 GB 1867 6d plate 8 on 1870 cover SG 108 GB 1867 6d plate 9 cover to Italy SG 109 GB 1868 cover with STUDS hs GB 1873 2 12d plate 17 pair on cover GB 1873 3d plate 12 on cover RVC perfin GB 1873 plate 19 x 2 on 1880 cover to USA GB 1878 QV 1d pink Certificate of Posting GB 1881 1d lilac 14 dot on cover to Wales SG 171 GB 1881 Mark Lane L1 Late Fee duplex on pc GB 1883 6d green on 1886 cover GB 1887 1 12d etc on 1895 Edinburgh BAR CUT cover GB 1890 Penny Post Jubilee both cachets GB 1931 Rochester Pageant GB 1937 Exhibition cover GB 1961 First Day of Recorded Delivery GB 1961 First Day of Recorded Delivery cvr n rcpt GB 1963 Nature x 2 diff FDCs GB 1964 Botanical Congress x 2 diff FDCs GB 1964 Forth Road Bridge x 3 GB 1964 Geographic Congress x 3 diff FDCs GB 1965 Churchill x 2 diff FDCs GB 1965 Parliament x 2 diff FDCs GB 1965 Post Office Commtn Tower x 2 diff FDCs GB 1966 British birds fdcs GB 1966 Westminster Abbey x 3 diff FDCs GB 1966 World Football Cup x 2 diff FDCs GB 1967 British Flowers x 3 diff FDCs GB 1996 Athletics FDC signed Sally Gunnell GB 3d plate 6 on 1869 cover boxed L1 hs GB 3d plate 6 on 1871 cover boxed L1 GB De La Rue Recipe GB De La Rue QV 1870s Specimens block of 4 gb docs GB GB lots GB Greenock Maltese Cross on 1843 cover fw 1d x 2 GB Greenock Maltese Cross on 1843 cover fw 2d x 2 GB GVR Royal Cypher on 1017 cover GB GVRIVI (block) Royal Cypher on 1937 cover gb ked8 b.18 cover gb ked8 set b.4 cover GB KEdVII 1/2d overprinted SPECIMEN horseshoe GB lots GB QE11 1953 FDCs Gb QV 1862 3d pair on cover SG 75 £900 GB qv 1870s ink recipe GB QV 1881 1d lilac FRAME BREAK used GB QV 1887 2d strip on 1896 regd cover Hungary GB QV 1887 2d strip on 1896 regd cover to Hungary GB QV 1887 3d & 4d on 1899 regd cover to Hungary GB QV 1967 6d p.6 on cover GB QV 1d red partly printed GB QV 1d red partly printed on the back GB QV 4d plate 7 on 1866 cover GB QV 8d orange on 1879 cover to Mexico GB QV SG 4d no hairlines on 1862 cover to France GB WW2 Addressee reported Missing etc cover GBGB lots gene kelly Gene Tierney 1953 8x10 Portrait photo Gene Tirney 1950s 8x10 Portrait photo Genevive Page 1940s 8x10 Portrait photo Georg Solti 4 x 6 signed autograph photo George Goddard pilot 8 x 10 signed autograph photo George McGovern signed historical TLS George McGovern signed photo with Simon Wiesenthal Ger w 10 Ger w 3 Ger w 5 Ger w 8 Ger w 9 German Army in Lemberg Ukraine WW1 1916 German Army in Lemberg Ukraine WW1 1917 German Army in Lemberg Ukraine WW1 1918 Germany #698-71 1953 Transport Germany #B317 & #B319 on cover Germany 1941 Hitler’s National Culture Germany 1941 National Germany 1943 Workers on FDC Germany 1953 semi-postal 30pf etc on cover to USA Germany 1967 cover with 15pf block of 6 to Japan Germany DDR #6124 on 1950 First Flight to Moscow Germany Hannover 1860 envelopes rare postmarks Germany Michel 208W MiF Germany Michel 531y EF cover Germany Michel 83 MiF x 10 cover Germany pre-stamp cover LIEGNITZ Germany pre-stamp cover POLITZ Germany pre-stamp cover POTSDAM Germany Wurttemberg 1890s Money Order cards x 4 GGB lots Gibraltar KGVI 12d Wrapper used 1945 to UK Ginger Rogers & bicycle GOA DAMAN AND DIU Gregory Peck & poodle on set Designing Woman Gregory Peck To Kill A Mockingbird Greta Garbo guben 1 guben 2 haithaiti covershaiti coversi covers haiti covers Hannibal 2001 Harry Langdon Hay Pickers early postcard Hayley Mills with gun in Tiger Bay 1959 8x10 photo Hedy Lamarr dancing on the set 1950s 8x10 photo Hermaphrodie et Nymphe by Wegener High Court highcourt Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombers 3.5 x 7 signed photo HK Sassoon Opium letter with envelope HOLLYWOOD HOMI WADIA Honey Hong Kong & Canton 1851 Opium Report Hong Kong 1854 Bill of Lading for Cotton Hong Kong 1867 Opium Bill of Lading Hong Kong 1867 Opium Bill of Lading P.F.Cama & Co. Hong Kong 1874 Opium letter from N.Mody & Co. Hong Kong 1876 Bill of Lading for Cotton Hong Kong 1882 Opium letter in Gujarati to Bombay Hong Kong 1883 Opium Price List in Gujarati Hong Kong 1946 Peace perforated SPECIMEN MNH Hong Kong 2004 Olympics Winners Hong Kong censor tape Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Opium Merchant hongkong Hook Line & Sinker 1930 How the Grinch How the Grinch stole HULK Hungary Printer's proof stamps banknotes Hunt For Red October iil ina Inauguration George Bush independence india India 15th Aug 1947 Jai hind India 1837 4R stamp paper India 1838 pre stamp cover SOOROOL to Calcutta India 1840 pre stamp cover MUNGELPORE to Calcutta India 1843 pre stamp cover MUNGELPORE to Calcutta India 1854 Pre-stamp Post Office strike book sheet India 1861 Electric Telegram NW circle India 1864 Electric Telegram Service Message India 1864 Financial Share Certificate India 1866 Electric telegram India 1867 Electric Telegram India 1868 Electric Telegram India 1870s 18R congreve stamps India 1870s cover BOMBAY & ALLAHABAD DLO hs India 1870s telegram QV INDIA 1872 Registration India 1896 Telegram 'Buy Two Opium Loads' India 1899-57 cards/covers addressed Any Hindu India 1906 Opium Auction schedule India 1906 pictorial postage due cover VF India 1918 BISN India 1920s letter signed Jatindra Mohan Tagore India 1927 letter signed Swarnakumari Devi India 1928 letter signed Raja of Nimaj India 1930 crested letter signed Raja of Dewar Jr India 1930 Gandhi Dandi postcard India 1931 letter signed Haraprasad Shastri India 1931 Scout Rocket Message of Loyalty signed India 1933 letter signed HB Davidson Mina Corps India 1933 Negapatam Paquebot cover India 1934 letter signed Nawab Aminuddin of Loharu India 1935 crested letter signed PC Tagore India 1935 letter signed Devi Singh Raja of Chomu India 1937 Scout Jamboree India 1939 crested letter MS Ancy Gandhi associate India 1940 crested letter signed Nawab of Tonk India 1940s Junagad State Eid Greeting booklet India 1942 Junagadh State War News Magazine color India 1942 signed note Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay India 1945 Junagadh State War News Magazine color India 1946 7 x 10 Print Gandhi & SC Bose India 1946 Burma Evacuee Passport India 1946 Gandhi 7 x 10 Print India 1948 Gandhi Nehru Patel 8 x 11 colour print India 1948 Gandhi Nehru Bose 8 x 11 colour print India 1948 Patriotic 9 x 11 colour poster India 1956 International Driving License India 1968 Dolls 30p imperf block of four MNH India 1968 Dolls 30p imperf pair MNH India 1970 letter signed N.K.Seshan India 1979 2R Weaver major printing error MNH India 1979 Cotton Flowers Omitted Error strip MNH India 1979 Tiger 15p imperf block of four MNH India 1979 Tiger 15p imperf pair MNH India 1985 Congress Presidents fold error India 2002 Animal 25p Deer India 2005 Gandhi MS PRINTING ERROR India 2009 Horse YELLOW OMITTED MNH India 5R Envelope - a MAJOR ERROR India alwar India Baghal State 1a revenue booklet pane of 4 XF India Bird Pigeon BLACK OMITTED India Bollywood Press Book 1964 KASHMIR KI KALI India Bollywood Press Book 1968 NOOR JEHAN Rehman India Bollywood Press Book 1973 BAHADUR LADKIYAN India Bollywood Press Book 1982 ARTH Shabana Azmi India BOMBAY 1915 KGV Revenue 1a UM MNH block of 4 India Dakshin Gangotri Base 3rd Exp cover India Gandhi & Nehru 1948 4 x6 prints (2) India hand painted Save The Birds campaign card India hand painted Save The Tiger campaign card India hand painted Save The Tigers campaign card India hand painted Save The Trees campaign card India Himangshu Kumar Dutt Bengali composer India Humayun Kabir signed autograph page India Indira Gandhi letter India Indore Store King Edward pictorial 1905 card India Jamboree 1937 Elephant Logo Patch India Jawarharlal Nehru autograph in Hindi India Jhalawar State WW2 1942 Motor travel permit India Kashmir long early colour postcards x 5 India KEdVII 1/2a used on Penang local cover India KEdVII 100R & 500R revenue stamps India KEdVII 12a used on Penang local cover India KEdVII 2R to 25R used1 India KEdVII 500R & KGV 1000R revenue stamps India KEdVII 50R & 200R revenue stamps India KGV 1000R x 10 & KEdVII 500R on piece India KGV 15R on 20R Stamp Paper. UNRECORDED India KGV 2a 1R 2R used in Abadan Iron on piece India KGV Bombay Paquebot pc canc.Type 17 India KGV Wrapper used in KYONMANGNE BURMA XF India Kishangarh State 1899 1/4a block of 36 India letter in Bengali signed Jyoti Basu India letter signed Sarat Chandra Chaterjee India Maitri B.O. Dakshin Gangotri cover India Maitri Base B.O. North Goa cover India Morvi State India Morvi State 1934 pc TAMKARA to MORVI India Morvi State 6p green envelope used 1938 India Pakistan Baluchistan Tribal India Pakistan Baluchistan Tribal Namaz stereo India Personalized Stamps First Issue Leopard MNH India QV & KEdVII stamp used in Hong Kong India QV 1/2anna India QV 10R 100R & 200R revenue stamp India QV 12a lettersheet B94 Jessore about beer India QV 15R on 16R Stamp Paper. UNRECORDED India QV 17R8a on 57R8a Stamp Paper. UNRECORDED India QV 1R Notorial on Foreign Bill stamp India QV 25R revenue stamp India QV 30R & 50R revenue stamp India QV 3a on 4a stamp paper UNRECORDED India QV 4a Tracing Paper India QV 5R 40R & 100R revenue stamp India QV 5R revenue stamp India QV 6a 8p used India Rabindranath Tagore signed autograph page India Revenue 1R block of 12 with Crazy Perfs MNH INDIA REVENUE STAMPS INDIA REVENUES India scarcer QV Court Fee provisionals India swadeshi India Tuticorin Paqueboton 1909 INDIA USED IN ADEN INDIA USED IN PERIM India used on Abadan Persia Iran India WW2 Jaipur war bull India WW2 War Fund India WW2 War Fund. India. Faults. indian independence league indian national army Indo China 1926 cover with postage due 4c pair Ingrid Bergman in Arch of Triumph Intach Imperf Vertically ERROR intolerable cruelty Iran 1976 Pahlavi 20R MS cvr iraq Iraq 194 provisional on parcel card to Australia Iraq 1963 1d x 9 etc. on parcel card Iraq 1963 500f x 13 etc. on parcel card Iraq 1994 provisional on parcel card to Australia Iraq 1994 provisional on parcel card to Australia5 Iraq 1994 provisional on parcel card to Indonesia Iraq 1994 provisional on parcel card to Indonesia2 Iraq 1998 Saddam 5000d x 5 etc on parcel card Iraq US Occupation Iraq US Occupation 1st issue 31500d on parcel card Iraq US Occupation 1st issue 5150d on parcel card Islamic Airmail Map Isle of Man 1973 Postage Dues FDC Italian Occupation Austria italy Italy 1586 EL SFL Pisa to London with intact WAFER Italy 1607 EL SFL Siena to Firenze ex. Corsini Italy 1911 Post Office Identity Book Italy 1945 Bandiera Bros opt Convegno Venezia Ivory Coast 05 on 15c on 1914 ppc VF Ivory Coast 1906 10c on 1907 Chief ppc Ivory Coast 1906 10c on 1907 Internal cover Ivory Coast 1906 10c on 1907 ppc Ivory Coast 1923 Dimbokro registered cover VF Ivory Coast 1937 registered cover SG 75 & 112 VF Ivory Coast 1938 cover Lakota to Paris Ivory Coast 1960 First Flight cover Ivory Coast 5c red & green postal card mint Ivory Coast P & C 5c pair on 1904 ppc James Bond 007 The Living Daylights James Cagney 8 x 10 signed autograph photo James Cagney studying a script James Dean James Dunn Jan De Bont 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Japan MS Japan PASSED stamp on India doc Japan Showa Russia Mawson Bases cover Japan WW1 1918 censored postcard Japanese OCC SG J162a cover Japanese OCC SG J164 cover Japanese Occupation Kajang Registered AR Japanese Occupation KL telegram Japanese Occupation revenue Jardine Matheson Opium Merchant 1854 letter Jaws1975 3 sheet JAZZ by Lorenzi Jean Harlow autograph Jean Simmons 1950s Jean Simmons 1957 Jean Simmons in This Could Be The Night Jean Simmons Tracy Granger & daughter 1956 Jerome Hunsaker 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Jesus in Benhur jm 1854 letter jm 1854 letter2 Joan Collins 1950s 8x10 Portrait photo Joan Crawfor Joanne Woodward in The Fugitive Kind John Badham 8 x 10 signed autograph photo john barrymore John Barrymore Autograph John Carpenter 8 x 10 signed autograph photo John Gilbert 275 John Howard Autograph on GB D Day FDC John Wayne John Wayne Classic Judy Garland Mickey Rooney Jurassic Park E 4 sheet Jurassic Park E 1 sheet Jurassic Park H 1 sheet Jurassic Park III Just Like Heaven Kajang provisional pm Freepost cvr Karai Kovilpathu Karai Kovilpathu 2 Kedah censor cover wi provisional Airmail label Kedah Sultan Halimshah regd Kemps & Co prescription Kenya 1988 Butterfly 40sh Gutter strip of 4 used KGV 2c card British Empire Exhibition King Cobra 3 sheet king kong 1 sheet english FACE King Kong 1976 english King Kong H Body King Kong H Face King Kong Hindi 3 King Kong Hindi 1 King Kong Hindi 2 King Kong Sanjiv Mundhra King of Afghanistan & Airplane King of Afghanistan Victory Speech King of Afghanistan with Petain Komsomolskava Base SAE7 cover Korea AV2 korea war russia Krishna KUNG FU PANDA Kurt Masur New York Philharmonic KUWAIT INVERTED OVERPRINTS L'Espiegle by Suzanne Meunier L'Eventail Rose by Suz Meunier Lalita Pawar Lana Turne Lana Turner Lana Turner & Glenn Ford Lana Turner & her 22 dresses in Diane Lana Turner 1950s 8x10 Portrait photo Lana Turner with 22 dresses for Diane 8x10 photo Lana Turner with husband land of the dead Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Lauren Bacall With her daughter Leslie Le Evential Blanc by Leo Fontan Le Evential Vert by Leo Fontan Le modele s'amuse Gaston Cirmeuse Le Pappilion Bleu by Leo Fontan Le Petite Gris by Jaques Leclerc Lee Marvin goofing on the set The Dirty Dozen Lee Marvin JUDO SKILLS Leeward Is St.Kitts Nevis KGVI 3d Leichtenstein 10rp green postal card used 1924 XF Letter signed by Photographer Pilot George Goddard Liechtenstein 1920 Registered cover Lilian Bond Autograph lilian harvey Lorin Maazel 4 x 6 signed autograph photo Lost World E 4 sheet lot30 lots 20 lots27 lots28 lots28lots28 lots33 Louise Fazenda Lucky Lady 2 photo signed by James Gallagher Lucky Lady photo 2 signed by James Gallagher Lucky Lady photo signed by James Gallagher macau Macau 1858 Gujarati Opium Market Report Macau 1858 Opium letter to Bombay by SS Singapore macau 1861 opium letter MADAGASCAR Madge Evans autograph mahatma makhan Malaya 1910 Penang Singapore Steamer cover Malaya 1936 Negri Sembilan TRAIN LETTER cover Malaya 1938 Perak TRAIN LETTER cover Malaya 1939 KL TRAIN LETTER #T2 Malaya 1944 KL Rubber Control Paid cds Unrecorded Malaya 5c red provisional AL Penang Malaya 5c red provisional AL Perak Malaya AP for AR postmark error Malaya BMA Singapore 1946 Malaya Jap Occ UNRECORDED Syonan slogan Malaya Japanese Occupation censor KL to Malacca Malaya Japanese Occupation doc Malaya Japanese Occupation JASIN Malaya Japanese Occupation MERLIMAU Malaya Kedah Bandar Bharu regd Malaya Selangor Japanese Occupation SG J82 Malaya Singapore 1949 soccer souvenir book Malcolm Forbes 8 x 10 signed autograph photo malta Malta 1849 EL to Constantinople Malta 1855 EL to Syra Greece Malta Disinfection Manchuria Leao Yang early postcard Manchuria Tiei Ling early postcard Mannequin by Suzanne Meunier MANOJ KUMAR Marguerita Churchill Maria Montessori signed autograph page Marice Berthon Marlon Brando in Ugly American Marlon Brando Shirley Jones Marwar ME AND DUPREE Meet Joe Black MF hussain Gaja Gamini MF Hussain Gaja Gamini 6x12 MF hussain Gaja Gamini cover miami vice mission impossibile 3 Molodyoznaya Base cover SAE8 Molodyoznaya Base SAE9 cover Monte Blue Morvi State 3p & 6p postal cards mint Mosquito Squadron 1969 Mother Teresa pray card with medal Mozambique Company pictorial 10Rs postalcard Mozambique Imposto Di Policia 1 Mozambique Imposto Di Policia 2 Mozambique Imposto Di Policia 3 MPU IRC used Malacca 1940 MPU Postage Due 15c x 2 Mr & Mrs James Mason at home 1956 MUMTAZ Musique by Suzanne Meunier My Friend Irma Goes West MYTHOLOGICAL Nagendranath Namak NASA Space 8 x 11 photo with 19 astronaut NASA space shuttle 1976 photo with four signature Natalie Kingston Autograph Nepal Nepal 1959 UPU Imperf block of 4 Nepal KGVI Indian Embassy Netherland Indies Hindu Temple Kidal Malang New Guinea + Australia 1950 combination cover New Zealand QV 1sh on 1897 cover to Canada Nicolsaka Nigeria 1934 Ebute Metta Registered Envelope NIUE 1/2d 1935 Book post Rate to Switzerland Norma Shearer 7 vintage postcards North Borneo 3c+3c reply card used 1895 Nothern Rhodesia KGV 4d Registered envelope HG #1 Nothern Rhodesia KGVI 4d Registered envelope HG #2 NS Seremban unrecorded instructional NS used in Perak cover Nyasaland O P NAYYAR objects sketch octupussy Oded Fehr Oded Fehr001 Olivia De Havilland 1940s 8x10 Portrait photo Oman 1994 At Busaid block of 15 FDC onwards to delhi opium Opium Merchant's letterhead Opium report with Opium stains opium war Original OSCAR OUT OF SIGHT Jennifer Lopez P & O 1913 Diary and Almanac p.ostage Palestine 1944 OAT oval on Optician's advert cover PandOAlmanac Paradine Case Partition War telegram Refugee Camp Patiala State KGVI 1R cross-gutter block 24 Patricia Velasquez patriotic Payment on Demand 1951 US handbill Bette Davis PEDRO PEDRO the ape bomb Pekin perak BMA combination close Perak Japanese Occupation 2602 Ipoh Postal Receipt Perak japanese Occupation 6c revenue Perak WW2 use of St Sett KGVI 2c PERIM Peter Robbins in A Ticlish Affair 1963 Philip Clark Balloon 6 x 8 signed autograph photo Philippines 1934 Baseball Basketball Tennis FDC Pilot Chuck Yeager signed FDC Pilot Malvern Gross Jr and son Randy signed book Pilot Malvern J Gross signed letter Pirates of the carribean Poland #72-6 Poznan Issue on registered cover political satire PORTUGUESE INDIA posteposters posters PRAN Premier Frisson by Suzanne Meunier presidio 3 sheet Pride & Prejudice 1940 US handbill Private Secretary to Indira Gandhi Psycho 1998 Rabin Arafat Clinton 8 x 10 photo signed by Rabin Rachel Weisz Ramon Novarro 7 vintage postcards ravi verma Reuter's Telegram to Hong Kong about Opium Revenge of The Creature 1955 US handbill REVENUE STAMPS Rex Allen signed classic western potrait Rob Reiner 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Robert Taylon in Above & Beyond 1952 Robert Taylor Robert Taylor George Raft on set Rogue Cop Ronald Colman 7 vintage postcards Rosalynn Carter First Lady signed FDC Rosalynn Carter on USS Ohio invitation Rosalynn Carter signature on a russian invitation Royal Netherland Indies Army cover ruanda urundi 3.50 x 10 ruanda urundi 6f ruanda urundi 75c ruanda urundi leopard 1.75f ruanda urundi leopard 2f Russia 1872 10k envelope used 1874 Russia 1872 U16D envelope used 1868 Russia 1901 25k registered Parcel Card used 1907 Russia Germany India Maitri Base cover Russia India Maitri Base Expedition cover Russia postcard used 1908 to Mexico Russia S.Africa India Maitr russian fpo in korea Sabu & Robert Paige in 1946 Tangier 8x10 photo Sabu in 1940 Thief of Baghdad 8x10 photo Sabu in 1947 Black Narcissus 8x10 photo SAFE FOR MUSLIMS Saintpierre San Marino 1946 Airmail 1000L on registered FDC San Marino 1946 Airmails 9v on Convegno cover San Marino 1946 Convegno Filatelico cover Sarawak Brooke registrd envlp Sasson Shanghai printed lettersheet sassoon 1869 letter sassoon 1869 letter2 Sassoone Canton 1854 satire SAWAN KI GHATA Scarface 3 sheet SCHINDLER'S LIST schindlers list Scout Jamboree 1957 Scout Jamboree Rocket Message of Loyalty Scout Jamboree Rocket Message of Welcome scout rocket cover 1937 Scout Rocket labels SEETA Semi Tough 3 sheet Senta Berger Elke Sommer 1963 The Victors Seychelles Bel Air Road Mahe postcard unused Seychelles Church England Mahe postcard unused Seychelles Leaf Insects Mahe postcard unused Seychelles Post Office Victoria postcard used 1910 Shahrukh Khan SHAKTI SAMANTA shanghai Shanghai China 1882 AE Abraham Opium letter SHARMILA TAGORE SHIRIN FARHAD Shirley Temple 7 vintage postcards sholay SHREK 2 Shrek 2001 SHREK 3 Sidney Fox 1930s Autograph Signature of Muhammad Ali on Islamic Pamphlet Signature of Muhammad Alion Islam book Sinbad Singapore Singapore 100 Years of Telephone SPECIMEN MNH Singapore 1904 Suburban Police Station UB postcard Singapore 1929 Chinese Pottery Shops postcard Singapore A coner of the Port early postcard Singapore Battery Road RP postcard used 1923 Singapore Boat Quay postcard used 1908 to France Singapore Botanical Garden c.1905 UB postcard Singapore Cavanagh Bridge c.1905 UB ppc Singapore Chinese Barber early postcard Singapore Chinese Funeral 1934 RP postcard Singapore Chinese Temple early RP postcard A Singapore Chinese Temple old RP postcard Singapore Chinese Theatre Hall 1920 postcard Singapore Club early postcard K.P.Hock Singapore Coconut Tapper early RP postcard Singapore Collier Quay early RP postcard Singapore Colorgravure 6 View LetterCard used Singapore DYAK CHIEF early color postcard Singapore Elephant early RP postcard Singapore Elephant early RP ppc Singapore embarking on the Liner Coaling Singapore Fruits c.1905 UB postcard Singapore Javanese Lady 1903 postcard Singapore Jinrikish Rickshaw RP postcard Singapore Kling Dancing Girls c.1905 UB postcard Singapore Malay Girl & children RP postcard Singapore Malay Village c.1905 UB postcard Singapore Native Cake Seller c.1905 UB postcard Singapore Old Port c.1905 UB ppc Singapore River early color postcard Singapore River RP postcard used 1954 to France Singapore Snake Conjurers 1910 GR Lambert postcard Singapore Tanjong Pagar street scene early UB ppc Singapore The Reservoir early postcard Boats Singapore Zinc Factory early postcard Singer 1937 signed autograph page sister of Rabindranath Tagore Sleeping Beauty 1930s small lot Smita Patil Snow falling Snow Falling on Cedars Snow White 1938 South Africa 1945 red OAT oval on cover to USA South Africa 1946 Travancore Temple Entry cover South West Africa KGV 4d registered envelope mint Southern Rhodesia 10sh lottery ticket XF Southern Rhodesia 1944 censored cover to India Southern Rhodesia KGV 4d Admiral Registered Southern Rhodesia KGV 4d Marshall Registered Southern Rhodesia KGVI 4d Registered Southern Rhodesia KGVI 4d Registered envelope Spain & Trinidad censors & tapes spiderwick chronicles SS & Kedah $2 document with Islamic Hijri date SS + NS + Japanese Occupation + India document St.Kitts Nevis 1944 censor cover to USA Stan Laurel Autograph Star Trek: Nemesis Steve Miner 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Steve Reeves 1950s 8x10 Portrait photo STEVEN SPIELBERG Stewart Granger & Barabara Rush 8x10 photo Strait Sett Jap Occ Strait Sett QV 1891 Singapore cover Strait settlement Strait Settlement QV 1891 Singapore cover Strait Settlement QV 1892 Singapore cover Straits + MPU Postage Dues on 1936 cover Straits KGVI 1c used Perak cover Straits Settlement 1893 cover used Kuala Lumpur Straits Settlements 1937 TRAIN LETTER cover Straits Settlements QV 1896 cover used Singapore subas chandra bose Subversives Detention Camp Deoli Sultana Sumerian Soldier Surinam censor Susan Peters 1940s 8x10 MGM Portrait photo Switzerland 1910 postage due 10c on Austria ppc Switzerland 1922 Flugmeeting Switzerland Postage Due 15c on Germany 1927 ppc Switzerland Postage Due 20c on Germany 1925 ppc Switzerland Postage Due 40c on 1927 USA cover Switzerland Postage Dues on 1905 Bayern Munich ppc Switzerland Suisse Chocolat Suchard Early pc 1900s Sydney Pollack 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Tahiti (British) & French censors Taiwan 1960 photographic essay Tea with Mussolini 1999 8 x 10 telegram Opium Shanghai China Terminator 3 H 24 sheet Thailand 100baht used block of 18!!! Thailand 1930s PAQUEBOT PENANG cover Thailand 1962 document with TB seal (tied) Thailand WWII Civil Defense block of 4 Barefoot #2 The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas The Grinch The Guru The Kid The Last of Mrs Cheyney 1937 The Last Warning 1929 US handbill Horror RARE The Legend of Zorro The Making Jurassic Park The Mask of Zorro The Mummy 1999 The Mummy Returns 2001 The Out-of-Towners The Scorpion King Three Little pigs Sweden 1930 Tibet Timor Charity Tax Tom thumb Sweden 1930s Tomb Raider Tomb Raider 2001 Tomb Raider 2001 b Tomb Raider2 tomb raider4 Tomb raider5 Tomb Raider6 Tonga 1891 local post 1d envelope transformers True Lies Tunisia 1944 AV2 (VA2) censor cover to USA Turkey 1926 Postal Tax Air Post UKRAINE-CARPATHO 1945 Michel # 86 block of 100 MNH UKRAINE-CARPATHO 1945 Michel #86 ERROR Ulpiano Checha with Horses UNRECORDED Serendah AR UNRECORDED Serendah AR hs UNRECORDED Singapore slogan & GROW FOOD USA 1943 APO 520 Bomb Squad MIA USA 1989 UPU Delegates folder USA 1989 UPU Delegates Folder of special cards USA 1990 Submarine Booklet VF Intact USA imperf block on 1926 flight cover Vanilla Sky Vigne Vierge by Suzanne Meunier Vijayan in 1935 Tamil movie Meneka Vilma Banky Autograph Voile du Bonheur Gaston Cirmeuse Vostok Mrny Komsomolskava Base cd WA ppc used Colombo Ceylon Walter Hill 8 x 10 signed autograph photo Walter Pidgeon Warsaw Ghetto Uprisng Balloon Wasti Way Out West 1937 US handbill Laurel & Hardy RARE Wes Craven 8 x 10 signed autograph photo White Zombie 1932 US handbill Bela Lugosi Winnie the Pooh 1983 With Byrd at the South Pole 1930 Woman & Cat by Suzanne Meunier Woody Allen 5 x 7 signed autograph photo yemen Yitzhak Shamir 8x 10 photo with Mikhail Gorbachev YOU YUGOSLAVIA 1934 Hvar Predanona Parobrodu/Paquebot Yvonne De Carlo 1956 Zimbabwe 1985 Infrastructure $5 used block of 10

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