Your name: RissaLa Book title and author: Artemis Fowl (The Arctic Incident) by Eoin Colfer Your own title for your image: The Train URL (not link) of your image: URL (not link) of your gallery/other artwork: Any comments about what you tried to accomplish in this illustration? Well, I draw characters... a lot (especially close-ups). So I decided to try and focus more on the setting and the overall scene, and given the scene I thought an attempt at an interesting perspective would be good... Because I don't do a whole lot of that either. And basically I wanted to show the cold and struggle with this image. Text describing the scene (e.g., paraphrase/ short quote from book, cite page #): Context: Basically, Artemis (human boy), and Holly (elf) were in Russia. Their other companions became trapped under ice and snow after a run-in with some goblins, and Holly attached a cable to them (it's a very strong cable), and they got on a train that was coming in order to pull them from the snow (they were just that trapped). Artemis is climbing to the top of the train in order to enter it from the top, and open the doors from there so they won't be so endangered. Quotes: "Holly was about to unclip the cable and attach it to one of the rungs when it snapped taut, pulling her legs from beneath her. She held on grimly to the rung, fingernails digging into her own skin." (131) "He dragged himself to the next rung, keeping the length of his body pressed close to the carriage. The wind was whipping along the length of the train, tiny motes of ice in every gust. They stung like bees." (132)