Your name: caleyndar Book title and author: The Kingdom of Ruelle by Lily Liu Your own title for your image: Untitled URL (not link) of your gallery/other artwork: Any comments about what you tried to accomplish in this illustration? This is a set of illustrations I've done for a short story written by Lily Liu, including the cover and six spreads. The 6 spreads are the scenes I liked the best in the story - it is not the full narrative. These artworks are far removed from my usual style (I'm usually into CGed artworks of anime/manga styled characters), using watercolours to portray a dream like quality in the artworks, which I believe reflected the story and writing style. I've drawn the characters without faces because their existence in the story is more about what they represent (an idea) rather than who they are. The lack of background isn't because I was lazy (though I am...) but because the story never really describes the scenery, it always focused more on the idea of dreams vs reality and the characters themselves. Finally... since I've done the illustrations as spreads of a book that's meant to be held and read, I've incorporated continuation into the illustrations themselves, so there's always some element in the artwork to lead the viewer to the edge of the right hand page, directing the reader to turn the page and read on... though how often that really works is beyond me - that's just something they insisted works when they were teaching it to us at university.