This b.splendens has been in a fish-hotel for three weeks. She appeared to be healthy when purchased and has proven so during quarantine while the 10g was cycling. In the Diagram: 1. Fully cycled tank water with an air hose for siphoning 2. Fish bag with quarantine water this b. splendens was living in, dribbled a half cup or so into the bag when set into the tank 3. One of my favorite tools; huge binder clip. I use them to prop the hood, clip fish bags, hold a thermometer suspended and all sorts of other stuff. Miss No-Name has been in the tank, acclimating to the temp for about an hour. She shows a little stress but nothing major. After another half hour we dribble some more tank water into her bag. At two hours, more tank water. The bag is filling out into the tank and she is starting to nose the edge of the bag pretty regularly. I think in another half hour, we'll let her swim in her new home.